To those who ask “But who are you? An Ogre?”

To establish a sincere relationship with you, I’ll give you a short summary about my life. I, as an Ogre myself, was born in Eskisehir/Turkey but I lived in many cities until now because of some various reasons. I got my B.SC in Computer Engineering in Anadolu University. I completed my first internship at Mercedes-Benz as a Business Analyst – which is cool because I have experience at that field too – and my second internship at my university’s research department as a software developer. After these valuable experiences, I worked as a software engineer at Sony for 8 months and took care of both development and cloud infrastructure. Now, I’m working at Siemens as a DevOps Engineer. I realize that there are so many things that I need to learn and expertise and I try to learn each bit of web technology concepts.

The field’s technology stack is growing and evolving constantly and we need to keep ourselves updated on the latest developments. That’s the reason why I opened this blog and probably the reason why you are in this blog 🙂

To be honest, I try to stay in one field now, because when I start to explore other fields like machine learning, mobile programming, robotics; I can’t stop myself from researching non-stop and it seems to me that I scatter my focus all over the place. Therefore, I’m settled down on web technologies (for now!).


What’s the purpose?

My aim about this site is to contribute to the community, share everything I learn and have fun while doing these!

I’m not going to strictly share about only one field, I’ll be sharing various topics and notes about anything related with development and software engineering. For example, to make our lives easier, I might share keyboard shortcuts of operations to work faster. I’m also planning to share my hobbies 🙂

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