Microservices with Kubernetes

Short Summary This was a three days training where Murat Karakaş explained; what Microservices are, what Spring Boot is, what Kubernetes is, how they combine, what best practices are with them. Long Summary I took some notes meanwhile and I'm going to research the topics, provide notes, links to understand the training completely. I noticed that there are many new technologies out there and I believe it's for my benefit to research these technologies and have it written here. We can think this as a notebook for the training. Questions                    …

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Session Manager – Modern Bastion

Overview Are you tired of dealing with key pairs? Maybe tired of securing them with KeyPass? Or configuring SSH daemon for ease of use? Don't worry, Systems Manager - Session Manager is here to save you from all these. Session Manager is announced on 11 September 2018 with this blog post. Seriously, I remember being excited like potatoes thrown into hot oil. Because the process for connecting RDS Instances via Bastion Hosts were literal pain in our workplace. All those SSH private keys, security of them, jumping one from another for again, security reasons... All I can say is, it…

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Monthly DevOps News #3

Monthly DevOps Track #3 – 17/09/2018 Some great posts this month on important topics, including the benchmarks of serverless computing in different cloud providers, YAML files, Multi-Cloud governance and automation. News 1 -) If you wrote YAML file before, you know the pain of your Pipeline saying that your YAML's syntax is broken. These tools will help you spot syntax errors beforehand. https://urcomputeringpal.com/2018/09/09/yaml https://github.com/urcomputeringpal/kubevalidator 2 -) Detailed performance comparison of different cloud providers' serverless computing services. Concurrency and overhead are the main criteria. https://medium.com/elbstack/the-largest-benchmark-of-serverless-providers-ac19b55750f4 3 -) Yet another comparison about different cloud providers' serverless computing but this time about cold start…

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The Ultimate DevOps Explanation

Dream Has Come True! I am a person who believes that if someone wants to do a successful job, they first need to understand what the job is fundamentally. I love how Albert Einstein put it as he states: If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. - Albert Einstein With that being said, I consider Amazon's DevOps definition as a simple yet amazing definition. It describes DevOps in a rough way but also covers nearly everything. Although, it needs some elaboration. From what I've seen, ~99% of the definitions on the internet don't cover up…

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