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Linux vs Minix vs UNIX vs POSIX

First of All, What is Linux? You see, there is a contradiction on what Linux really is. We see that people refer Linux as an Operating System but on the other hand, some people say that Linux is a kernel. Well, let's put it this way. In fact, Linux is a kernel written and named by Linus Torvalds which you can take a look from https://www.kernel.org/. When you think about it, kernel is a useless thingy if there is no software using it since kernel manages hardware based on software inputs. At this point, we have a cute kernel with us.…

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Introduction to Linux by Machtelt Garrels (Exercises of Chapter 3)

Exercises of Chapter 3 (About Files and the File System) Partitions Paths Tour of the System Manipulating Files File Permissions Partitions • On which partition is your home directory? • How many partitions are on your system? • What is the total size of your Linux installation? Paths • Display your search path. • Export a senseless path by entering, for instance, export PATH=blah and try listing directory content. • What is the path to your home directory? • How would another user reach your home directory starting from his own home directory, using a relative path? • Go to…

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Linux File System Structure

Linux vs Windows File System Structure If you worked with Windows before, you most likely saw the C:\ local disk. Probably the second local disk named D:\, E:\, F:\, G:\ or something similar and they are represented as Disk Drive. When it comes to Linux, disk partitions are kept in /dev/sd* path(will come to this shortly). Generally, C:\ disk is meant to be used for system files, applications, tools and so on. Users are tend to use other local disks(D:\, E:\...) to install games, store media thus, for personal files. A:\ and B:\ disks are allocated for floppy disks. In…

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Basic Linux Commands with Examples

I believe it's very important to know at least basic commands of Linux (Also, other Operating Systems). You might say, "I'm a developer/business analyst/tester etc., I don't need to know these Linux commands!". Oh sweet Linus Torvalds (Creator of Linux)... Be sure he's not around when you say those kind of things, or else he might rage-mail (Read it, you won't regret) you with the hatred of ten thousand years. Let me tell you something. You're going to regret saying that. I was thinking the same, then one day, I needed to see logs of our consumer website because it was…

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