Monthly DevOps News #3

Monthly DevOps News #3

Monthly DevOps Track #3 – 17/09/2018

Some great posts this month on important topics, including the benchmarks of serverless computing in different cloud providers, YAML files, Multi-Cloud governance and automation.


1 -) If you wrote YAML file before, you know the pain of your Pipeline saying that your YAML’s syntax is broken. These tools will help you spot syntax errors beforehand.

2 -) Detailed performance comparison of different cloud providers’ serverless computing services. Concurrency and overhead are the main criteria.

3 -) Yet another comparison about different cloud providers’ serverless computing but this time about cold start analysis.

4 -) A nice trick for accessing private repositories or other private resources when building Docker images by using multi-stage builds to ensure you don’t leak sensitive information.

5 -) A useful handbook about incident management for Ops written by Atlassian.

6 -) A post about multi-cloud governance, its benefits and difficulties.

7 -) An argument to run less software, mainly argued from an organisation optimization point of view, which might be useful when arguing the same to reduce operational complexity.

8 -) More interesting research data, about looking at the increasing adoption of automated deployment, continuous integration and automated testing.

9 -) Different look on Developers being involved with Terraform code. Explaining why they should be involved with it.

10 -) Using Drone CI system and its benefits.


1 -) O’Reilly Velocity Conference | Sep 30-Oct 3 in New York City

September 30, 2018

Velocity is heading to New York City in just a couple of weeks and where will you be? At the office, wishing you weren’t missing the leading conference on DevOps, performance, cloud infrastructure, and more? With Pavilion Plus passes starting at only $149, you can’t afford to miss it.


1 -) Mininet is a handy tool for creating a local realistic virtual network, running real kernel, switch and application code, on a single machine. Useful for experimenting with OpenFlow and SDN.

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