Monthly DevOps News #1

Monthly DevOps News #1

Monthly DevOps Track #1 – 14/07/2018

Some great posts this month on important topics, including the economics of serverless, management in organisations adopting devops, and the importance and risks of metrics and measurements.


1 -) An excellent, detailed analysis of the economics of serverless – looking at when EC2 pricing is more efficient than AWS Lambda. Lots of data and the assumptions made.

2 -) A post on the human scalability of devops. Lots of good points, although the arguments are based on a specific definition and a startup usecase. In my experience large organisations are better about the non-fungibility of engineers.

3 -) Metrics and measurement are important parts of adopting devops but using the wrong metrics, or not evolving those metrics as your organisation evolves, can be problematic.

4 -) Some interesting, practical, observations around managing teams adopting devops practices. Devops tends to encourage multi-functional teams, but what management structures best support those functions working well together?

5 -) Etcd underpins Kubernetes as well as a number of other distributed systems, so understanding how to manage, and in particular upgrade, it is critical.

6 -) If everything is a DNS problem then a good understanding of DNS is essential. This series covers everything from resolvconf to dnsmasq and the anatomy of a DNS lookup on Linux.

7 -) A look at how you can use Helm to deploy self-signed certificates along with services to Kubernetes.

8 -) An introduction to using AWS Secrets Manager, including password rotation and integration using AWS Lambda.


1 -) Leading the Transformation Applying Devops Principles at Scale

July 18, 2018

Most IT executives don’t understand how to transform their current legacy systems and processes to scale Agile and DevOps principles across their organization.  Join Gary Gruver as he discusses his clear framework for improving development and coordinating work across teams in large organizations.

  • Designing the Continuous Delivery pipeline for the enterprise
  • Improving application stability over time
  • Lower the cultural barrier between dev and ops.

2 -)  Continuous Testing a Panel Discussion

July 23, 2018

Continuous testing is an integral part of the DevOps process and critical to achieving continuous delivery. The benefits of continuous testing are numerous, from increasing speed to market to reducing overall costs. But it can be a tricky sell to decision-makers. In this webinar, we’ll provide a deeper look at continuous testing, including the benefits and potential pitfalls, and what organizations need to implement a successful continuous testing environment.


1 -) Creating and managing self-signed certificates for local usage can be tricky. Mkcert looks like a handy tool with a simple user interface.

2 -) Reg is a useful command line tool for interacting with a Docker registry; listing repositories and tags, retrieving manifests and digests and downloading individual layers.

3 -) Tooling for your DevOps teams can maximize collaboration and ultimately reduce time to incident remediation. Check out some of these awesome tools to help you make on call suck less:

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